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Are you an accounting or finance professional currently or soon to be searching for employment in Australia? The Quinlan Mentor Programme turns dreams into reality by providing practical real-life experience to position you for ongoing paid employment and career success.

What is the mentor programme?

We specialise in helping accounting students, graduates and professionals who want to enter the industry.

The Quinlan Mentor Programme is for individuals seeking employment in the Bookkeeping or Accounting fields. It has been designed to get you through the interview process and into the workforce quickly and equipped with the right skills and experience for a successful career.

    Get Australian work experience
    Gain key skills employers want
    Make professional connections

“Before I joined Quinlan, I had close to zero relevant experience to put in my resume. “


Our method of success

The programme has been designed and is delivered under the guidance of an accredited CPA.

You will gain practical, real-life experience to enhance your resume, prepare you for the interview process, and equip you with the skills and knowledge for ongoing, paid employment in Australia.

Real client experience

Experience with real client work and actual business scenarios. With guidance and support along the way.


Lifetime access for advanced training and continued mentorship. Additional benefits with our partner, CPA Australia.

Real world skills

Sessions are based around real life scenarios of what occurs in Australian Bookkeeping and Accounting jobs.

Software experience

MYOB Basics to Advanced; payroll, accruals, SAP B1, Xero, profitability analysis, budgeting, taxation, BAS, Excel, and more!

Interview experience

Sessions with an HR Professional for interview preparation, ensuring you can put your best foot forward.

Resume building

Work experience to added to your resume to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.



A Vision for Accountants

Tom Quinlan, MBA, is a CPA and has mentored a number of local and international students into the workforce for over a decade. Through his passion of supporting dedicated professionals and growing businesses, Tom started the Quinlan Mentor Programme. Over the years, with Tom’s involvement in the community and experience in different industries and businesses, he has developed an extensive network across Australia, which has allowed him to offer a quality and trusted service for his clients and advance the accounting profession as a whole. Tom is the CEO of Quinlan Consulting Team.


General Manager
Sara has an MBA from Monash University and over 10 years of experience in start-ups and large organisations across Southeast Asia, Australia and the United States.

Sara has worked in the roles of Area Manager with a global network of English language schools in Southeast Asia, B2C regional sales for one of the largest global education companies in the world, as well as North American Manager for a UK-based recruitment start-up, wherein she oversaw the strategy and day to day operations of the North American region.

Sara is the Executive Manager, Strategy & Operations of the Quinlan Consulting Team. As Executive Manager, she oversees operations, sales, staff retention and development, marketing strategy and internal and external stakeholder engagement. 


Executive Manager, Strategy & Operations

Hear from successful students

“The Quinlan mentor program is very effective, practical oriented with real life scenarios and best value for money. I was very lucky that I came to find this course and enroll”

Prakash Karna

Employed By Quinlan Consulting

“This training has been invaluable and I would highly recommend it to everyone who is pursuing a career in accounting. I can tell you that even with a Masters in Finance I have learnt more practical knowledge through this training and Tom’s professional advice.”

Silvia O

“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunities you provided through the mentor program. I recently secured a role with the ATO. This wouldn’t have been possible without the skills and experiences I gained through the mentor program.”



Mele Malakai
Mele Malakai
Great tutors with a lot of experience. Have learnt alot from them. A++++ service, thanks for everything.
Hetal Mishra
Hetal Mishra
I strongly recommend the QCT mentor programme to anyone who wants to make their career in Business and Administration. You may have knowledge but without experience it is hard to get job and Tom and his team supported me at all levels to get experience. Now, my job profile exactly matches with the knowledge and experience which I got from the QCT Mentor Programme.
vinod thakkar
vinod thakkar
If your looking for an entry level accounting role, this is the address. Not any big name institute that will cost you significant amount. Not just accounting, you'll also get to learn many other skills from Tom if you closely get to work with him
Tharu de
Tharu de
I would recommend QCT mentor program to any accounting graduate who wish to start their career. It's the best place to get the real world work exposure as I managed to land on my first job a few months after I've enrolled. Apart from real world work experience, QCT team will review your resume and provide valuable tips to make it stand out.
Tanu Jayathilake
Tanu Jayathilake
The Best Mentor/Internship program in Melbourne. Flexible online learning,amazing staff support & prompt reply whenever needed. Opportunity to access valuble resources, learn & develop will help to obtain an employment with confidence.
Nirali nandha
Nirali nandha
Tom along with whole team is very helpful and reliable. I am gaining the experience of real work and it has enhanced my employability skills.
Lucy Dinh
Lucy Dinh
I'm a student mentor who participated in Quinlan work experience program and found it very practical. It eliminates the gap between university and real workplace. I have been exposed to a large areas of bookkeeping, financial accounting as well as management accounting, We were trained from Tom as a very qualified CPA with management experience and knowledge plus his dedicated team. I'm so glad to have found this place!
Ambika Surendran
Ambika Surendran
I had an accounting background, but it was very hard to enter the job market in Australia without local experience, QCT mentor program helped me to get the local experience and also the first break through.
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur
Mr. Tom provides practical guidance that has been motivating and beneficial to my professional development. He is very supportive of his team and is ready to mentor and share his extensive knowledge with those around him that wish to learn. I have joined Quinlan mentor programme during first year of my degree. Practical work I got from Mr. Tom and his team enhanced my accounting knowledge. During second year of my degree, I started to work as an Accounts officer and credit goes to Mr. Tom. Confidence comes from experience and I got my experience from Quinlan mentor programme. It was honor to introduce Mr. Tom and his team in my campus as everyone wants to know how I got my accounting job.
Frank Glen
Frank Glen
I have known Tom for years and i admire his professionalism and attention to details.


Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions of the Quinlan Mentor Programme.


How does the programme enhance my resume?

We teach software and business knowledge. Australian employers want work experience, in Australia. Thus, the Programme includes this work experience that you can include on your resume.


How do I join the programme?

Fill in your details on the Contact Us Form below. We will send you details and information on how to register. Once registered, we will send you a welcome pack that contains further instructions and passwords to our online resources page and training portal. Download the Registration form here.


Is there a time limit on the course?

There is no time limit, but your goal is to get work and our goal is to get you there, so we do have a recommendation on how one should progress through the program, either full time or part time.


How much time do I need to dedicate to the programme?

It’s highly flexible. You can do as little as 1 day a month for 2 years (which some uni students do) or 5 days per week. Most do 1-2 days per week over 4-5 months.

Get more info

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5 Months + Australian Bookkeeping Experience

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keep in touch

You will be receiving a few emails from Tom Quinlan which will provide you details on the Mentor Program. Please check your spam/junk folders. If you experience any problems with this form, click HERE to tell us about it..

Do you have more questions?

Feel free to contact us directly on the number or email address provided. We want you to make the best decision for you career, and are happy to talk you through the programme.

Mentor Programme

Let’s make your dreams a reality